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Want your CDs signed by Sche? 

Request it in the " note to seller " during checkout! 

We also offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders. 

Contact us for details.  You can also preview & purchase these albums digitally from these online retailers and more.

Old school 70s blend of Pimpin', hip hop and gangsta! Only from the artistic mind Of Mr. Sche will you find a classic like this!

Track Listing

1. I Ain’t Neva Loved A Hoe
2. Pimpin’ Machine!
3. Get This Cheese (feat. Mr. Willie)
4. Skit (Willie Dynamite)
5. My Bottom Hoe (feat. Mr. Willie)
6. It’s Hard On A Pimp (feat. Mr. Willie, Blue Boi)
7. Real Pimps Dont Take (feat. Nasty Nardo)
8. Step Ya Game Up! (feat. Ice T & Marc Live)
9. Lettin’ My Perm Blow (feat. Pimpminista & Blue Boi)
10. G-Something (feat. T-Rock & Kool Keith)
11. Afrodisiac feat. (Jozzy & Pimpminista)
12. I’m A Dog (feat. 420)
13. Whenever I Call (feat. Boss Bytch)
14. I Wonder If They See? (feat. Blue Boi)
15. Can’t Break The Rules (feat. Mackenzie)
16. F*ckin’ On My Mind (feat. Boss Bytch & Mackenzie)

Big Sche Eastwood – That Pimp Shyt


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