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Want your CDs signed by Sche? 

Request it in the " note to seller " during checkout! 

We also offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders. 

Contact us for details.  You can also preview & purchase these albums digitally from these online retailers and more.

Track Listing

1. The Awakening
2. The Black Fortress 3
3. Serpents
4. Playas In The House
5. Unfinished Business
6. Retaliation
7. Skit
8. Pimp Love
9. Immortal
10. Days Like This
11. The Harrassment
12. Alone In The World
13. Livin So Low
14. Skit
15. It’s All About Me & You
16. Getting You Crunk
17. Swisha Sweet Dreams
18. Hoes In The Club
19. In Your Dreams
20. Nightmares
21. Mystical
22. All About My Crew

Immortal Lowlife – The Darker Things In Life

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