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The original Immortal Lowlife member cast debut (Mr. Sche, Mr. Chank, Blue Boi, Smokacouple, Tony Montana, Randy Mack, Dirty Mack, Mackenzie, Lil Ric) – THE BLACK FORTRESS. Recorded in 1994 during the Memphis dark and devil shit era! If you’re not a fan of this style of music, then this isn’t for you. But for collectors and die hards, you will love it! This one of Mr.Sche’s first recordings as a teenager. He was only 12 years old on this very CD! We all know what Sche can do today…check out how he got his beginning. Buy this album today! Track Listing 1. We Are Legion 2. Murder Death Killers 3. The Black Fortress 4. Creepin So Low 5. Mysterious Ways 6. Lowlife and Crime 7. Welcome To Hell 8. The Power of the Spirits 9. My Pit of Blackness 10. Blinked On A Blunt 11. So Smoked Out 12. Creepin In Thru Ya Doe 13. Livin So Low 14. As We Rise 15. How We Playas Play 16. I Cant Explain

Mr. Sche & Immortal Lowlife – The Black Fortress ( Cassette )

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