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Mr. Sche takes you on a journey of man caught between doing whats right, and doing whats needed. In the process, drugs over take ones ability to think straight, having dillusions of comfort. What may seem as an easy outlet in the beginning, may have crucial consequences in the end. A drunken mind speaks a truthful tongue, but whose words will you be truly speaking? Dark things lurk closely to a troubled soul.

Track Listing

1. The Temptation
2. Im Stressed Out
3. Lost & Found
4. I Feel Wicked & Violent
5. Devil Haze
6. Tools Up!
7. Daddy Dont Leave
8. Im From The UndaWorld
9. Reefer Smoker!
10. All About We
11. Legion (feat. B-Dub, Prophet, DJ Insane)
12. Devil Haze Mafia (feat. DJ Insane, Lil Awree, B-Dub, T.N.T)

Mr. Sche – Devil Haze

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