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Inspirational. Motivating. Controversial. Energetic. Emotional. Intellectual. The Gods sent us a voice of the underground, in the form of a man named Mr.Sche. Top notch production. Conscious, revolutionary lyrics over hard core beats that only this Memphis super producer can bring. Half Human is not for the faint of heart! It is for the strong, the trill, and for those who seek to become either!

Track Listing

1. Me Against The World

2. God Body

3. Bills

4. Skit

5. Cant Let The Hood Go

( ft Scratches from Junkaz Lou )

6. Clash Of The Titans

7. Face The End

8. Make 100

9. The Immortal

10. Now Im Free

11. E.T.

(ft. NYM)

12. Kal El

Mr. Sche - Half Human


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