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Work of Art is one of Mr. Sche's earlier classic look on life albums. If you feeling stressed, closed in with no vision of hope, this is one of those albums that will free your mind of that pain. Its true, when you talk about it, it really does take the pain out. A ni**a cant walk around 24-7 like he is the hardest thing on this planet. We all human and feel low at times, and this album explains it all.

Track Listing

 1. Keep My Head Up
 2. No Choice But To Roll
 3. Soul Blinded
 4. Angel
 5. Grow Again
 6. Nobody Wants To Listen
 7. Jesus (Mathematics, For 7 Is God)
 8. Chaos
 9. Flesh N Blood
 10. Truth About This Ni**a
 11. I Been Tryin’
 12. On The Road Again
 13. Sometimes The Road
 14. Walk As I Walk
 15. Its Time To Be A Man
 16. Do You Believe In God [Remix]

Mr. Sche – Work of Art

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