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Al Kapone & Mr. Sche join forces to bring you Showdown, a collabo of two of Memphis' finest underground artists. Produced entirely by Mr. Sche, Showdown features appearances by Pimpminista, Tom Skeemask, T.I., Sir Vince, Yo Gotti, Lil One, Nasty Nardo, K-9, Blue Boy, Blaune and Mista Quicksta.

Track Listing

1. You’on Want No Drama Boi! (feat. Pimpminista, Tom Skeemask)
2. Hit Me Up! (feat. Tom Skeemask)
3. F*ck Mr.Sche [Skit]
4. Say It 2 My Face! (feat. T.I., Pimpminista)
5. M.C. Bump & Me Mane [Skit]
6. On Da Block (feat. Sir Vince)
7. Hit Da Club (feat. Yo Gotti, Lil One)
8. All We Got!! (feat. Pimpminista)
9. Scene from SupaFly [Skit]
10. I Slang & Shoot Them Thangs (feat. Nasty Nardo)
11. Scene from SupaFly 2 [Skit]
12. Forever Pimpin Hard
13. On Da Flo!! (feat. K-9)
14. Still Thuggin (feat. Pimpminista)
15. Tooted Up! [Skit]
16. Hardknock Life
17. Way Back [Skit]
18. Throw Ya M’s Up! (Al Kapone Solo)
19. Phone Call [Skit]
20. UndaCova Hoe
21. Thug Holiday (feat. BlueBoi, Bla

Al Kapone & Mr. Sche – Showdown

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