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Want your CDs signed by Sche? 

Request it in the " note to seller " during checkout! 

We also offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders. 

Contact us for details.  You can also preview & purchase these albums digitally from these online retailers and more.

Track Listing

 1. Major Moves
 2. Lets Get Wild!
 3. Pushem Off the Flo! (feat. Quicksta, Insane, Tweety, BlueBoi)
 4. No Fightin In Tha Club! (feat. Boss Bytch, BlueBoi, Chank, Pimpminista)
 5. I Wanna Smell Like Smoke (feat. Gangsta Blac, Nasty Nardo)
 6. Throw Yo Hands Up (feat. Lil Dude)
 7. Pimpin Hard (feat. Impact, Lil Sam)
 8. Makin Easy Money (feat. Impact)
 9. 2 Way Juicy (feat. Insane, Quicksta, Randymack)
 10. Lets Have An Orgy (feat. Precious, Pimpminista)
 11. G-Strings (feat. Pimpminista, Gold-E)
 12. Yo Momma (feat. Psycolistic, Dolla Bill)
 13. We Still Crunk (feat. Chank, Psycolistic)
 14. Truz & Thugz (feat. Gold-E, Pimpminista)
 15. You Must Didnt Heard (feat. Total Corruption, Insane, Quicksta)
 16. Soldiers (feat. Dirtymack)
 17. Listen (feat. Pimpminista)

Mr. Sche & Immortal Lowlife – Let’s Get Wild

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