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This is some of the classic playalistic pimpn for you home grown playas out there. Mr. Sche 's versatile flows over diverse beats will set the pace for any true playa bout to hit the town. This is some of Sche's early work from the 90's, so you can hear the vintage quality, but none the less still guaranteed to fulfill that pimptastic need!
 Track Listing

 1. Real Gs Stand Up
 2. My World Is Movin So Fast
 3. Bounce With Me
 4. Gangsta Hits (feat. Pimpminista)
 5. Fast or Slow
 6. Keep On Pimpin (feat. Dulaa, Piru)
 7. Gangsta Pimpin’ (feat. Mr. LPD)
 8. Old School Pimpin’ (feat. Indo G, Cash)
 9. Under A Spell
 10. In The Mood (feat. Cash-iz, Jak Danielz)
 11. Holla at a Playa! (feat. Blaune)
 12. Im A Hoe (feat. Blaune, Jak Danielz)
 13. Pimp Sh*t (feat. Immortal Lowlife)
 14. Where Them Hookers At (feat. 69 Kingz)
 15. No Ladies
 16. Bounce Bounce
 17. In Da Club (feat. Immortal Lowlife)
 18. Let Me See You Hop
 19. Tonight

Mr. Sche – Playa Sh*t

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