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ALL GREATNESS HAS A START. The original 5 members of Immortal Lowlife!! (Mr.Sche, Randy Mack D.B. Mack, Mr. Chank, Blue Boi). New & unreleased, underground & gutter as ever. Hear Big Sche & the original members in their early prime! The songs that started it all, recorded from 1997-2001.

Track Listing

 1. What You Lookin At
 2. Hatas In My Face
 3. Still Thuggn
 4. Thugs From The South
 5. You Cant Get None
 6. Musical Junkies
 7. ThugHead
 8. We In Da Club
 9. Ride Until I Die
 10. Doing 500 Donuts
 11. World Of Thugs (Remix)
 12. Rowdy
 13. Rise On
 14. You Dont Know Me
 15. Plenty Moe
 16. Never Be
 17. Celebration
 18. M.O.B.

Mr. Sche Presents Immortal Lowlife – Lost Boys

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