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Mr. Sche and T-Rock join forces once again for Elite, which serves as a prelude to their acclaimed Vendetta 2 release.

Track Listing

 1. We Elite
 2. Like What! (Remix)
 3. Let That Missile Rip (Remix)
 4. Watch Yaself!
 5. Get Maaaaad! (Remix)
 6. Let’s Do Some Dirt! (Revised)
 7. In Da Zone
 8. I Talk To My Self (Revised)
 9. Yall Ni**as Aint No Killas!!
 10. Ya Hurd Me! (Remix)
 11. Gangsta Shit! (Revised)
 12. Stirred Up! (Official Version)
 13. Vendetta 2 Trailer

Mr. Sche & T-Rock – Elite

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